How We Started

In May 2014, Deaconess Kate Ngozi Okafor convened a meeting in her office in Baltimore, Maryland, inviting select Nigerians and Nigerian Americans residing in the Maryland Metropolis in the United States of America to discuss the establishment of Nigerian Women Association USA, MD/DC/VA/PA/Delaware. Despite our diverse backgrounds in terms of geography, language, religion, and profession, we share a common goal of creating empowerment programs and providing support to Nigerians in the diaspora and underserved communities. Our portfolio also includes promoting Nigerian cultural heritage, good citizenship, and community development. Today, our organization has become a well-known organization with members hailing from Maryland, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia. Our achievements are a testament to the effectiveness of our programs, which have made a significant impact in our communities, including:

  • Provision of college funds to college students, some of which are annual recipients.
  • Donation of food, items, and funds to the homeless.
  • Donation of funds to the widows.
  • Donation of funds to the sick and out of jobs.
  • Participation in state legislation that impacts women and the minority.
  • Creation of programs to empower women and the underserved.
Mission Statement

To facilitate charity works and enabling environment for the underserved and minorities in our communities in the United States and our sister tribes in Nigeria. Our mission unites us as one big family working together to make the world a better and brighter place for the underprivileged.

Our grassroots partners are mostly women leaders who work together to advocate for the underserved and minorities in our communities in the United States and Nigeria. In our initiative, we focus on creating a better community for Nigerians where they feel empowered and valued. We achieve this goal by facilitating program initiatives that promote economic stability, youth capacity building, community development, and more. Our organization is a symbol of unity of women who strive to build a legacy of making a difference in the lives of our fellow citizens needing help to thrive in their community and day-to-day life.

Vision Statement
  • To give back to the community through advocacy programs, empowerment, and project initiatives.
  • To foster Love, Good Citizenship, and Excellency in manners among members, advocate for the Well-Being of the Underserved in the community; in Nigeria and The United States through Empowerment Programs, Poverty Alleviation Initiatives, Community Health Initiatives, Cultural Enrichment, and Support for selves and Members’ Families.

Our Founders

Hon. Clara Odemena


Hon. Kate Ngozi Okafor


Dr. Zika Okoye



May 2014: Founded

July 2014: Elected its 1st Executive Body with the founding members

  • Founding President:
  • Hon. Deaconess Kate Ngozi Okafor

  • Vice President:
  • Hon. Dr. Ngozika Okoye

  • Parliamentarian:
  • Hon. Ngozi Oduba

  • Communication Director:
  • Hon. Clara Odoemena


  • May 2015:
  • Registered in the state of Maryland and incorporated as a non-profit organization with 501c3 status with the following as Members of the Board of Directors:

  • Hon. Deaconess Ngozi Okafor:
  • Board Chair

  • Hon. Dr. Ngozika Okoye:
  • Board Secretary

  • Hon. Clara Odoemena:
  • Member

  • December 2015:
  • Humanitarian Outreach and Donation of $1,653 of food and materials to Fells Point Compassionate Center, Baltimore Maryland.


  • January 2016:
  • Attended Maryland Women Commission Annual Legislative Briefing.

  • August 2016:
  • Invited by Maryland Women Commission for celebration of 2016 Women’s Equality Day.

  • February 2016:
  • Invited to the Ceremonization of the first Nigerian Judge in New Jersey

  • April 2016:
  • Inaugurated Nigerian Women Association at Sheraton Hotel Baltimore MD. August 2016: Collaborated with Nigerian Embassy to host the First Lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari to a Town Hall Meeting

  • December 2016:
  • Humanitarian Outreach and Donation of $500.00 to a cancer patient in Baltimore, Late Mrs. Ngozi Ekelem.


  • Diamond Sponsors:
  • Hon. Princess Philomena Uba
    Hon. Princess Mercy Nnanna
    Chief Lemmy Okenwa Okof
    Mazi Andrew Ucheomum

  • Gold Sponsors:
  • Clara Odemena
    Chief Oluchi Victoria Ogwo
    Mr. Clement & Deaconess Kate Ngozi Okafor
    Dr. & Dr. Mrs. Lizzy Ade


  • April 2017:
  • Represented Nigeria at a dinner hosted by Baltimore County Chief Executive Lt Kevin Kamanentz.

  • Aug 2017:
  • Financial donation and ongoing support to Yemisi Adepegba, A young pregnant woman with two children that lost her husband in a bus barely three months in the country.

    A cash donation of $650.00 and baby and adult items worth more than $1,000. Added to this was bi-weekly warm food donation and back to school items.

  • September 2017:
  • Represented Nigerian community at Baltimore County Chief Executive 2017 Gubernatorial Announcement Intent.

  • December 2017:
  • Awarded Education Fund to 12 college students in the amount of $6,500.00.

2017: Elected its 2nd Executive Board

  • President:
  • Hon. Deaconess Ngozi Okafor (Unanimous)

  • Vice President:
  • Hon. Ngozika Okoye (Unanimous)

  • Secretary:
  • Hon. Ify Nwosis

  • Ass. Secretary:
  • Hon. Nkechi Enwerem

  • Treasurer:
  • Hon. Agness Amaefule

  • Financial Secretary:
  • Hon. Linda Ngameduru

  • Ass. Financial Secretary:
  • Hon. Maureen Duru

  • Social Director:
  • Hon. Amanda Ogbuli

  • Ass. Social Director:
  • Hon. Margaret Agala

  • Ass. Communication Director:
  • Mrs. Clara Odoemena

  • Parliamentarian:
  • Hon. Chinyere Uma

  • Social Media Director:
  • Hon. Ngozi Iwebo


  • Edidiong Udoh
  • (Law Student, Frostburg University)

  • Ifechukwudeli Okafor
  • (University of Baltimore)

  • Brisbane Eme
  • (Hamshire University)

  • Leandra Ngameduru
  • (University of Maryland College Park)

  • Victoria Oluajayi
  • (Mount St. Mary University)

  • Peace Agugua
  • (Towson State University)

  • Ify Odoh
  • (University of District of Columbus)

  • Chelsea Izeh Agbon
  • (University of Maryland)

  • Ogi Oke
  • (University of Maryland, College Park)

  • Ogi Oke (University of Maryland, College Park)


  • December 2018: Nominated two members of the NWAUMM to the Board in commemoration of their outstanding financial support to the organization,
  • Hon. Princess Philomena Uba (Board of Trustees)
    Hon. Princess Mercy Nnanna (Board of Trustees)

  • December 2018: Recognition of on-going Education Fund sponsors
  • Duke Tino and Duchess Clara Odemena
    Darby Tax Services

  • December 2018: Recognition of patrons for their outstanding support over the year
  • Patron Lemmy Okenwa Oko (Eze Enyioke Abiria)
    Patron Mazi Andrew Ucheomumu Esq. (General Council)
    Patron Oluchi Victoria Ogwo (Ada-Ukwu Abia)

2019: Elected its 2nd Executive Board

  • President:Hon. Deaconess Ngozi Okafor (Unanimous)
  • Vice President:Hon. Ngozika Okoye (Unanimous)
  • Secretary:Hon. Nkechi Enwerem
  • Treasurer:Hon. Agness Amaefule
  • Financial Secretary:Hon. Linda Ngameduru
  • Ass. Financial Secretary:Hon. Gloria Iweh
  • Social Director:Hon. Stella Amaefule
  • Ass. Social Director:Hon. Maureen Duru
  • Communication Director:Hon. Ify Nwosisi
  • Ass. Communication Director:Hon. Cathy Onyeaka
  • Parliamentarian:Hon. Clara Odemena
  • Media Director:
    Hon. Phina Aigbe-Ahizoje
  • Ass. Media Director:
    Hon. Adaeze Onokala
  • Ass. Media Director:
    Hon. Adaeze Onokala


  • Edidion Udoh
  • (Law Student, Frostburg University)


  • Hon. Princess Philomena Uba
  • (Board of Trustees)

  • Hon. Princess Mercy Nnanna
  • (Board of Trustees)

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